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Here at iTECHu we work with you to give the best possible service. Time is money, and we do our best to have your system back to you in the least amount of time possible. Most of our work can be done within 48 hours of you dropping off your system.


In this high tech world, making your data and systems safe is our highest priority. We want to make sure that you are able to use your products to the best of their ability as well as ensure that you are not compromised in the process.


Computers and programs can be confusing. Our main goal is to simplify the process for you to use whatever device you want, and be able to personalize the usage to what best suits you. Life can be complicated, but technology doesn't have to be. Let us make your system issues a thing of the past.


Welcome to iTECHu


iTECHu started in 2009 as a hope and a dream. Tracy Templin, the founder and main tech, started the business while going to school and raising her family as a single mother. She started iTECHu Computer and Business Solutions to aid the community and help its residents with all of their tech needs. It was her goal to bring back to the community that helped her so much. She has decades of experience working in large corporations and brings that knowledge and know-how to help families and small businesses thrive.


Our main priority is making sure you leave happy and secure in the fact that you're in good hands. We are from the Missoula area and pride ourselves in servicing the community we love so much. If you have any tech problems, big or small, we are here to help.


We work with all major computer and technology systems, and specialize in fixing all of your technological needs. Anything ranging from networking and troubleshooting, computer repair and sales, information extraction, remote support, and system security. Even though we are a small business, we do it all. We have affordable tech plans that will keep you and your system safe regardless of what happens. iTECHu keeps you connected, even during hard times.



Hourly Service Charge- $125

For any service not listed we offer support at a base rate. Let us know how we can help you.

Repairs and Cleanings- $165 and up

Whatever brand of system you have, we can fix it or extract the information off of it for you. We clean and secure your system to ensure that it is in tip-top shape for you. 

Remote Support- Tech-Plan Only

Remote Support is where we connect to your computer from wherever we are, and we sort out all of your problems via the internet. This service only comes with our tech-plans, and can be tailored like our other services as you need them.

Call Out Fees- $250 for the first two hour block
                         $125 for any additional hour

Call-Outs range from fixing a computer or networking and troubleshooting, to establishing connections at your place of business. If you need us, we'll be there.

Tech Plan- starting at $299.99 per year

Our tech plans keep you covered in all of life's difficulties. Whether you need; extra training or support on software or fixing your hardware, needing us to remote-in on your computer, or providing system security, we have you covered. These plans also include reduced pricing on all of our services, and come with VIP support. Don't go without knowing you're protected. Come in today to find out more.

Small Business Tech-Plans- starting at $399.99 per year

These tech plans are designed for any business looking for that extra boost. We can handle all of your tech issues like dealing with setting up your internet, fixing and maintaining all of your business systems, as well as all of the other features on the normal tech plans. We give these tech plans a more delicate touch and cater to your every needs as a business. We can even train and set up QuickBooks or other software as you need. Contact us or stop on by and see how we can help you today.

Business Tech Plans also include Cloud Training and Support, Networking, and Data and Cyber Security. 

Computer Building- Varies

We can custom build you a computer to your own specifications. Whether you need one for school, gaming, or for work, we can make you one that suits you.

New Products- Varies

We have access to a large warehouse of goods and can offer wholesale on products and services. Let us know if there is something you need ordered in, and we can find it for you.



Tel: 406-361-1649

Text: 406-207-9720

9100 Bird Lane

Lolo, MT 59847


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Tel: 406-361-1649

9100 Bird Lane

Lolo, MT 59847

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