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Our On-line  booking system is currently under construction.  iTECHu Computer & Business Solutions is also in the process of moving office locations. During this process PLEASE call 406-361-1649 to scheudle your appointment. Sorry for any inconvience.

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How to Book Online. Select BOOK IT on right hand side. When the page opens to show dates, CLICK the SMALL GREEN down arrow, this will open up full callendar view. CLick on the date you wish to schedule your appoinment, and then select the time slot you wish to reserve.You will then enter your information. When entering this PLEASE leave a message in the message box regarding your booking needs. For example, if you need your computer repaired, please state that and a short brief message on what your system is doing to be a problem. If you need our Business Solutions and are looking for web and online advertising etc. pelase let us know. Thank you, this helps us serve you better.  

You will recieve a confirmation email once your booking is set. Any questions, please call us at (406) 361-1649. 

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