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  • Web Design

  • Mobile Friendly Websites

  • Mobile Business Set up & Training

  • Business Management Software

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Maps

  • Social Marketing

  • Ad Word

  • Logo Design & Business Branding

  • Doc Design

  • Customized Templates

  • Document Management

  • Software Mangement

  • Customized Software

  • Cloud Hosting

  • Manageemnt Services

  • and more.....

iTECHu is your local all-in-one IT specializing in all your tech needs. We are a small local, family owned and operated business that focuses on other local small business in need of personal tech services. In-house IT Departments are expensice and can be very costly for a small business owner. Those who cannot provide the space or cannot afford the expensive IT equipment, iTECHu has your back. We handle all IT and Small Business needs.

Each of our customers have different needs when marketing there business. Each of our price plans is specific to your business. We design a package that fits what you need so you're not paying for items you don't need. We keep our cost low, our customers top priority and our business small and local. We care for each of our customers and their business as if it was our own.

Call today for a free consoltation inorder to set up your Business Solutions Package. 

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