iTECHu Repair Rates 2019

  • System Check (quick overview)--------$00.00

  • System Tuneup / Virus Removal-------$99.99

  • Virus Removal (advanced)-------------$119.99

  • Remote Support & System Tuneup-----$60.00                                                 (billed hourly)

  • Complete System Restore ------------$189.99

  • Data Back up/ Transfer ---------------$89.00

  • OS Basic Install ----------------------$99.99

  • Non OS/ physical repairs --Starting at--$60.00                             (Price varies depending on computer, part costs and repair needed.)

  • Screen Repairs ------(starting at)----$90.00                             (Price varies depending device type, brand and part costs)

  • iPAD/iPHONE --------------------$59.99                            (Repair/Backups/Re-installs/Virus & Malware Removal/ Other Operating System Problems)

  • Remote Support --------------------$60.00                                       (billed hourly)

  • Remote Support Plans -------------(one time charge)                   (See an iTECHu representative to discuss our cost effective remote support plans   that best      fit your needs.)

  • Small/ Home Business OUTSOURCE IT SOLUTIONS--(billed hourly)         (Please contact us to discuss which outsource IT plan best fits your needs)

Note: Above rates are are subject to change depending on the condition of your computer operating system or device. An iTECHu tech will work with you to find a cost effective solution that meets your needs. 
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